We Help you Transform the way you look and feel
with our Personalized Weight Loss Coaching 
and Guidance. 
We Help you Transform the way you look and feel with our Personalized Weight Loss Coaching and Guidance. 
 Laurie Johnson
Lost 70 Pounds!
Over 100+ FIVE-STAR Reviews!
“I have lost 55 pounds and it has been life changing!”

At Dream Fitness, we channel all of our focus into giving you the support and guidance you need to reach your fitness goals, so you can finally start living your life the way you have always wanted.
  • Faster Results: We provide you with 100% guidance throughout your entire coaching Program which includes 24/7 text support and motivational videos on days you need some extra support. 
  • Never Gain the Weight Back: We don't just coach you we teach you as you go through your personalized coaching program. by the end of the program you will know exactly what to eat and how to work out to keep your results.
  • No Stress - We don't believe in trapping you into a contract. Life happens sometimes you have to put your goals on hold thats why we make sure you can cancel anytime. 
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Our Advantage 
We Encourage You to Do Your Research. We Provide Complete Transparency. 
  • Available to help answer questions with 24/7 Text support and Video Support. 
  • ​Private Facility with No-Judgement Supportive environment
  • ​Flexible Agreements - Cancel Anytime with 30 days notice!
  • Limited Support - Limited after hours guidance and support. 
  • Large Gyms- Uncomfortable and Crowded workouts in a shared space
  •  Long Term Contracts - Limited flexibility to work with your lifestyle and fitness goals. 
"I honestly never thought I could lose weight my age" 
"Before and after picture of me (Left before not at my heaviest I refused to take a before picture at my heaviest and then RIGHT: my after picture me at my bikini contest!"
"When you are Overweight....Everything is uncomfortable... I mean EVERYTHING!"
Sherry's Story
My name is Sherry Haward up until a year ago I was overweight and felt incredibly uncomfortable in my body.

I was too tired to go out with my family. 

I was embarrassed to be out in public. I couldn't walk far because My feet and knees would start hurting and I was embarrassingly out of breath all the time. 

my wardrobe was filled with lose fitted clothing... I didn't want anything to cling to my body. I was overweight. I was 5'4 and 210 pounds.

I went to doctors and nutritionist for help. They gave me advice put me on meal plans. I wasn't hopeful. I have been on every diet and one by one I failed at them all.

I was beyond fed up and was starting to accept that this is the way I would look for the rest of my life.

I started my coaching program with Jordan and Within the first week I didn't lose any, I was a bit disappointed. But within the first month I started noticing difference in the mirror. my clothes started to fit looser. within the next 196 days I went from 210 to 160 pounds. I couldn't believe it! 

This was the first time in my life EVER! that I have been able to lose weight and keep it off!

If I a 54 year old woman... who has never stepped into a gym before can lose 50 POUNDS and Enter a bikini competition in less than 6 months that means YOU CAN TOO!!!
"Before and after picture of me (Left before not at my heaviest I refused to take a before picture at my heaviest and then RIGHT: my after picture me at my bikini contest!"
"I myself (AT 54) just competed in my first Grand Master Bikini competition this November and Jordan got me there!!! I trust Jordan and will never go back to those impersonal, cold gyms! Thank you Jordan!”
-Sherry Haward
What our Clients have to Say. 
“Jordan is professional, personable and knowledgeable. He has been training me for 6 months and I’ve never felt and looked better.”
– Alexandra Briscoe
Are You Ready to Uncover The Best Version Of Yourself? 
"Losing Weight is Life Changing!"
- Lisa
Don't let another moment go by feeling uncomfortable in the way you look and feel.

Life is too short to be spent hiding away from who you are and the things you want to do!

It's Time to put an End to Your Old Way of Living!
  •  No more hiding from pictures
  • No more feeling uncomfortable in your clothes
  • No more being sad about the way you look! 
You're Guaranteed to see results within 90 Days or Your Money Back! 

Find Out How You Can Reach Your Goal Weight! 
Our Coaching Programs
Plans 100% Personalized to your Body Type and Weight Loss Goals
Per month, no start up fee.
    "This Program made it very easy for me to lose weight, Everything is done for you and all you have to do is follow the plan Jordan gives you! I have lost 14 pounds in my first 3 weeks!"
     Workouts designed to target and tone your problem areas! 
    Per month, no start up fee.
      "I really wanted a toned stomach area and the Dream Fitness Toning program was a perfect fit for me, they listened to what I wanted and worked with me to achieve my goal! I love the way my body looks!" 
       Highly Experienced Competition Coaching with over 6 Pro Cards Won!  
      Per month, no start up fee.
        "I have never looked better in all my life! Working with Jordan gave me the confidence to do my first bikini show and it rocked! they provide you with everything you need to excel on stage and out shine everyone else!" 
        Get a FREE Customized Meal Plan ($150 Value)
        This March ONLY Apply to any Program and Get a FREE Customized Meal Plan ($150 Value)
        Tailored to your Individual Weight loss Goals
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        Dream Fitness Has Helped Over 400+ Clients Transform Their Bodies 
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        Number One Reason Why You Can't Lose Weight
        “Not only did I lose nearly 60 pounds I gained my confidence back. Jordan holds you accountable and will make your dreams come to reality." 
        -Jody Sanghera
        You Don't Have the Right Guidance
        This is the number one reason why you fail at Losing weight! 

        You don't have the step by step guidance and support of an Experienced Weight Loss Coach 

        Telling You...
        • Exactly how much to eat to reach your personal weight loss goals
        • What foods to eat to speed up your metabolism 
        • What workouts to do to burn excess Fat 
        •  The proper advice to follow to lose weight without all the confusion
        To see Weight Loss Results You have to have step-by-step guidance by someone who is experienced, and fully committed to seeing you succeed. 


        You end up spending Year after year... Looking the same and slowly losing hope in ever getting the body of your dreams. 
        "I decided to be patient, and do things the right way this time." 
        "I was so sad about how I looked..." 
        Jacquie's Story
        I remember seeing the photo on the left after going to a friends Christmas party. I was so sad about how I looked and couldn’t believe how much weight I had gained.

         This was the picture that made me want to live a healthier life. 

        I decided I wouldn’t try a quick fix or some bullshit diet. 

        I decided to be patient, and do things the right way this time. 

        I love this lifestyle. I’m healthier and stronger than ever. 

        Change is good. Good things come when you're patient and put the effort in. 

        There’s no quick fix or magic pill. 

        Here’s to leaving your comfort zone. 

        Trying new things. 

        Saying fuck it to that annoying negative voice in your head. 

        Well here’s the cold hard truth. It takes time to get where you really want to be. I used to want things the easy way. Quick fixes don’t work. This is 2 years of hard work. If you want something really bad, just be patient. It will come! 

        "One day you'll wake up and there won't be anymore time to do the things you always wanted. Do it now. - Jacquie Newport
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        “ I have lost 55 pounds and it has been life changing. I am now able to do all the sports I gave up after having kids and have so much more energy to get out and enjoy life. ”
        – Wendy Coombs
        Semi-Private Training Increases Weight Loss Success by 60%
        Science Has Proven You Lose More Weight With a Strong Support Group! 
        Dream Fitness Uses the concept of Semi-Private Training to Increase your Weight Loss results and help you stick with your goals! 
        • Semi-Private Training Increases Motivation to work Harder! 
        • ​The fun atmosphere of a support group keeps you excited to come back for more
        • ​Semi-Private Training helps build life long Friendships with a circle of people who support your goals! 
        • Feel comfortable while you workout- so you can fully enjoy the experience of getting stronger! 
        "Change happens when you have a group that is committed to making the same change."
        - Alcoholics Annoymous  
        “ Jordan’s semi-private training is dramatically different as his training regimen focuses on each person individually and is tailored to work on each person’s areas of improvement. ”
        – Hass Keshavji
        Dream Fitness Private Facility 
        Feel Comfortable and Relaxed as You Workout! 
        No More Over-Crowded Gyms!
        "It's Like Having Your Own Private Gym"-Amber 
        • Private Kitchen
        •  FREE Parking
        •  Private Showers
        • FREE Towel Service 
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        “ I was working out at the gym and not getting results,  after 2 months of working out at dream fitness and help with a meal plan I lost 16 lbs and my energy level is so high, clothes fit better and i feel great! ”
        – Eliza Kurdziel
        "Jordan will get you the body you want. Whether you are looking for a transformation or targeted training, he's your man! In as little as 2 weeks on a solid nutrition and weight-lifting plan, I noticed huge changes in all areas of my body. Highly recommend him if you are looking for a positive change!"
        – Jill Caskey
        Check Out More Success Stories! 
        We Help you Transform the way you look and feel
        with our Personalized Weight Loss Coaching 
        and Guidance. 
        Are You Ready to Uncover The Best Version Of Yourself? 
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        Jordan is a certified and experienced personal trainer who specializes in transformations. He believes in a holistic approach, knowing that changing your mindset and beliefs will help translate the changes you can make to your body – and then ultimately comes back around and helps transform your confidence and self-love.
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